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What is Quicklinkr?

Quicklinkr is a home for all of your favorite websites, links, images, videos, articles and so much more! All of your bookmarks in one place, organized the way you want them.

Access and Share your links from any location, any time and from any device! Quicklinkr is always on and always available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Subscribe to the latest news from your favorite websites and Quicklinkr will keep them all in one location! Quicklinkr will even update your news automatically.

Simple, beautiful and completely Free! Quicklinkr is used by thousands every day to manage and organize their links. Register your account today!

What can you use Quicklinkr for? We're Glad you asked...

Save your Favorite Recipes

You're always just one click away from your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.
Millionaire's Chocolate Mousse
Rasberry Punch Surprise
Churro Ice Cream Bowl

Plan your Best Friends Wedding (or Yours)

Invitations?! Flowers?! Venues?! Stay Calm and use Quicklinkr to plan your Happily Ever After.
Invitation Designs
Wedding Flowers
I want this!

Brainstorm your Big Ideas

They say the best way to have a good idea, is to have lots of ideas (and organize them on Quicklinkr).
Effective Planning
App Prototyping
Useful Code Snippets

Plan a Vacation (or Two, or Three...)

We recommend a six month Vacation. Twice a year.
New York?

Organize Research for your School Work

Now you have somewhere to sort those Wikipedia articles before you copy/paste
Great Sphinx of Giza
River Nile Facts
Ancient Wonders of Egypt

Create a Gift List

It's the thought that counts. Unless, ofcourse, the gift is really, really good.
Ideas for Mom
Ideas for Dad
Me, me, me!

Get live News Updates

Add any RSS Feed and Quicklinkr will automatically update and display the News you care about.
World Disasters

... and so much, much more!

Create Folders and organize your favorite and most visited links with ease. You can even view your links without ever leaving Quicklinkr!

Save 'temporary' links; when you're searching for a gift, comparing hotels or even house hunting, Quicklinkr makes it simple to manage and compare your shortlists!

Save your favorite Images (or your favorite Memes - we won't judge) and quickly post them to you preferred social media platform.

Create your own personal playlist of YouTube videos and watch them right on Quicklinkr! You can even subscribe to YouTube channels.

Discover new and exciting content by browsing other users Quicklinks. Like, Share or Save them directly to your own Quickboard!

Not in a sharing mood? Set your Quickboard to Private and keep your Quicklinks away from prying eyes. Mwahahaha!

Organize, Save & Share your favorite links from any device, any where, any time